Mission Statement

We go deep to unlock insight and have the courage to act. Our strength is that we bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation. We work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage. We are shaping the future. Together.

Applied together, we craft European growth strategies for our clients, give them a "soft landing" in a European city from which they can service new European markets and roll out new products; and, if needed, we help our clients find the investment needed to fund their growth. Summarized, we collaborate. We incubate. We find the money to help our clients grow.

Peter Sodermans




We help our clients realize opportunity, value, and a path forward through inventive, smart solutions that deliver measurable growth

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Since 2005, the mission of Direct Engineering has always been to use our expertise for the benefit of our customers. It always started by simply giving a helping hand.

Our clients choose us time and again as their trusted partners to solve the changes they face every day - helping them build a better, stronger business.

Since its inception, Direct Engineering has been known for its integrated approach, capabilities, and creativity, as well as our strengths in experience, judgment, innovation, and trustworthiness. Clients of Direct Engineering include the Luxembourg Government, long-established companies, and fast-growing firms involved in technology, trade and, finance.

Consulting is the backbone of Direct Engineering. We combine it with a unique entrepreneurial spirit, resulting in commercially crafted solutions

The Luxembourg Government and its agencies called several times upon us as we specialize in their particular fields such as emerging technologies.

Being a boutique consultancy company, we pride ourselves being result-driven professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit

We tap on an exceptional and diverse team of international experts who are experienced in creating business solutions that catapult bold public sector entities and private companies into the future.

Consulting on international business development, building powerful partnerships, and developing new routes is what we do the best. We do it with a distinctive entrepreneurial flair.

We provide insights and resources to overcome business challenges, attain quick wins, long-lasting partnerships and produce sustainable growth.

Through the missions we performed since 2005, we are known for diverse reach; including operations, business development, and external affairs.

We demonstrated the ability to build and maintain strong client and vendor relationships; skilled in connecting across functions and influencing decisions to provide win-win-win results.

Short-term missions turn often into long-term missions as we bring a keen understanding of managing any business situation as resourceful and highly-capable problem solvers.

For 17 years now, we are operating effectively and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment. We come with a wide network of senior contacts.

Direct Engineering stands for a commitment to contributing to the firm's or public entity growth and thought leadership.

We've long been captivated at Direct Engineering by datacenters, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and blockchain technologies. The Covid-19 pandemic fueled the adoption of lots of these innovations literally overnight as they assisted us in overcoming the crises' obstacles.

As someone who has worked most of his business life with telcos, tech companies, and the most innovative parts of Government, I was pleased to witness this expedited transition. Now that we're talking about future technologies like the Metaverse, NFTs, Web 3.0, Quantum Computing, and 6G, it'll be interesting to see if they can achieve the same level of widespread adoption as today's technology.

It is a time of big ideas. Our focus for the next couple of years is to develop new projects in that area together with our customers.

Jan 2022