As a Boutique Consultancy firm focused on strategic advisory and emerging technologies, we bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation in our clients organisations


We innovate systematically, continuously and successfully. In 2022, we are revamping our business with an enlarged focus.


We identify with the projects we work on, focused on deliverables.


Experienced in starting a mission or a project from scratch and provide dedicated support to succeed

Direct Engineering s.a.r.l, headquartered in Luxembourg City, has been connecting the dots since 2005. 

Management consultants

Consulting on international business development, building powerful partnerships, and developing new business models and routes is what we do the best. Our team is skilled in connecting across functions (lobbying) and positively influencing decisions to provide win-win-win results for our customers. We do it with a distinctive entrepreneurial flair.


Since its inception, Direct Engineering has been known for its diverse reach; including operations, business development, and external affairs. We have a demonstrated ability to build and maintain strong client and vendor relationships;

We bring a wide network of senior contacts, which we actively use to contribute to our client's project growth and thought leadership.

We accept short time (<6 Months) and long term assignments.

Diverse embedded clients base

Clients of Direct Engineering include the  Luxembourg Government (Prime Minister Office - SMC) , Government agencies such as Luxinnovation, long-established companies, and fast-growing firms involved in technology, trade and, finance.

Focus Areas 2022

5G and wireless technologiesWe were involved in many wireless technologies setups and deployments throughout the years. Going from a public policy side to an operational one for carriers.
Unlocking the true value of 5G business like in South Corea needs however to dig deeper We can help you build commercially crafted offerings. We help you put your project together and make valuable connections.
Broadband and ultra-high-speed connectivityWe have been delivering on developing Pan-European fiber networks for our clients and in previous ventures. We love putting together the engineering deals in the background.  Further sharpening of the deployment of future-proof infrastructures will ensure broadband connectivity reaches all. Broadband and ultra-high-speed networks serve as infrastructure layers for Pan-European deployment.

DatacentersWith the clear transition into the dominance by hyper scale & global cloud players over the past decade, the classical data center development approach supported by financial incentives served out.

Engineering new kinds of ideas,  partnerships, and collaborations are key to success in the next decade. Sustainability, AI and climate-conscious strategies are at the center. Post-Covid, more focus will be on the edge. Integration with partners through new models comes with it.  Old focuses like latency and cost containment are not abolished.
Building powerful partnershipsBuilding out your government agency or commercial entity in Europe may require building partnerships that expand your ecosystem.

If such a partnership (creative, product, strategically) is commercially sound,  the 1+1=3 result is achievable.
International Business DevelopmentWe are experienced in opening new markets and conquering new territories from scratch. It is part of our DNA. Develop business-to-business leads that increase sales and revenue, resulting in partnerships.We have the best polyglots onboard for your successful European expansion in a sustainable way.
Vendors contracting & negotiationsNegotiations of commercial and other contracts done by Direct Engineering under the authority of our clients.In business, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate! It starts with knowing your position and the ability to listen to what the other side wants. Building sincere empathy and communicating clearly are key in this. With Direct Engineering, we showed a sincere interest in the other Party, which helped us to close many deals throughout the years. 
Maximize the value of dataData exchange between companies or entities is an essential feature of
digitization and the data economy. Europe is pushing hard to foster data sharing among businesses, and between businesses and governments. We can help you create the next generation of data infrastructure: an open, transparent, and secure digital ecosystem, where data and services can be made available, collated and shared in an environment of trust. 
Data SpacesWhere selling or sharing data may seem straightforward to set up, there are many points of attention to manage. Creating data-sharing environments opens doors to new business models. Data governance should ensure a climate of trust while respecting the legal framework and within a technological framework for facilitating the transfer of data. There's work to do on building European data spaces to pool data in areas such as health, agriculture, public data and manufacturing.
Helping South-African tech companies in their European JourneyNew in 2022: We actively help South-African tech companies expand their business into Europe. We assist in all aspects, from transactions to funding and commercial operations. We help you get your business license, find offices and put your European team together. 
Aerotech and InnovationNew in 2022: A whole new wave of European Aerotech is taking off radically innovating the world of General Aviation. Satellite imagery, autonomous flying taxis,  electric propulsion & electric planes... it is all on the radar screen. 5G will enable the deployment of self-driving robots in airports.
We ambitiously encourage the creation of an infrastructure innovation hub in Luxembourg. This should become a place where R&D, aerospace start-up initiatives, and state and private sector come together..
Financial  and organizational skillsets onboardNew in 2022: Helping with setting up strong accounting and reporting processes (including overseeing and monitoring an effective control environment and providing strategic information and advice to the management team).Steering of accounting processes and overseeing the preparation of financial reports, such as balance sheets and income statements.Assisting with or participating in mergers & acquisitions, capital structuring, and capital raising opportunities. Supporting company shareholders and the management teams with strategic input into the management of assets and value realization.
Event managementEvents (webinars, seminars, workshops) are a means of recapping previous successes and acting as a springboard for the next ones.  Because every occasion is different, we tailor every event around your specific needs. We work with policymakers, stakeholders, and clients to ensure engaging topics and themes. We connect the dots, bringing the right people together.