As a Boutique Consultancy firm focused on strategic advisory and emerging technologies, we bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation in our clients organisations


We innovate systematically, continuously and successfully. In 2022, we are revamping our business with an enlarged focus.


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Experienced in starting a mission or a project from scratch and provide dedicated support to succeed

Direct Engineering s.a.r.l, headquartered in Luxembourg City, has been connecting the dots since 2005. 

Management consultants

We are thrilled to be able to offer our services in international business development. Our team has extensive experience in connecting across functions and leveraging our skills to create mutually beneficial partnerships. We bring an entrepreneurial approach to our work, allowing us to develop innovative business models and strategies that benefit all parties involved.

At the heart of our mission is the desire to create win-win-win scenarios for our customers. We are passionate about helping our clients reach their goals and take pride in our ability to make a positive difference in the world of international business. We strive to create lasting partnerships that will stand the test of time.

We are confident that our expertise and enthusiasm for international business development will be of great value to our customers. Our team is committed to helping our clients succeed and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


Since its inception, Direct Engineering has been highly esteemed for its comprehensive reach, covering operations, business development, and external affairs. Our team is proud of our proven capacity to cultivate and sustain strong relationships with both clients and vendors. Moreover, we have the privilege of being able to draw on an extensive network of senior contacts, which we actively leverage to further the progress and thought leadership of our clients' projects. We are delighted to provide both short-term (less than 6 months) and long-term assignments.

Diverse embedded clients base

We are delighted to announce that as of 2022, Direct Engineering will be providing services to Gcore and LU-CIX. This marks a significant milestone in our long and successful history of providing services for more than a decade to the Prime Minister Office (SMC) of the Luxembourg government, and government agencies such as Luxinnovation.

Previously, we completed missions for well-established companies , such as Post, EBRC and KPN.

We are proud to now be able to offer our services to Gcore and LU-CIX, and look forward to helping them achieve their goals. We are committed to providing them with the highest quality of service and look forward to a successful and long-lasting partnership.

Focus Areas 2023 - 2025

Global Government RelationsManaging the relations and communications with the governments on an international level. We work with policymakers, stakeholders, and clients to ensure engaging topics and themes. Opening new jurisdictions.  We connect the dots, bringing the right people together.Global government relations is a critical part of any successful international business. It involves managing the relations and communications with the governments on an international level, as well as opening new jurisdictions. At its core, global government relations areare about connecting the dots and bringing the right people together to ensure engaging topics and themes. 
Finding mutually beneficial solutionsGlobal government relations require a polite tone and an indication of approval about the topics at hand. This is often accomplished through a combination of diplomatic language, respectful dialogue, and a willingness to compromise. It is important to remember that global government relations are not just about getting what you want but also about finding a mutually beneficial solution. Ultimately, global government relations is a complex and ever-changing field. It requires a deep understanding of international politics and the ability to navigate a wide range of cultural, economic, and political issues. By understanding the nuances of global government relations, businesses can ensure that their interests are represented in the international arena.
Building powerful partnershipsCreating successful partnerships is a great way to grow and expand any government agency or commercial entity in Europe. When two entities join forces, the result can be much greater than the sum of its parts, leading to a truly powerful partnership. Approaching this endeavour with a polite tone and an open mind can ensure that the partnership is beneficial for all involved. With the right combination of resources and skills, these powerful partnerships can be a great asset to any organisation.
Data CentresWe are pleased to see the exciting developments in the data centre industry in the past decade, and we are looking forward to the new ideas, partnerships, and collaborations that will come in the next decade. Sustainability, AI, and climate-conscious strategies are at the centre of these developments, and the focus on the edge is becoming increasingly important. We were also encouraged to see that the traditional focuses of latency and cost containment are still relevant and important.
International Business DevelopmentInternational business development is something that we specialize in. We have the expertise and experience to help you open new markets and conquer new territories from scratch. We can help you develop business-to-business leads that will increase sales and revenue, resulting in successful and long-term partnerships. Additionally, we have the best polyglots onboard to help you with your European expansion in a sustainable way. We are confident that our services can help you achieve your goals and we look forward to working with you.
Vendors contracting & negotiationsAt Direct Engineering, we understand the importance of negotiating contracts with vendors. We approach each negotiation with a polite tone and an indication of approval of the topic. We strive to build sincere empathy and communicate clearly with the other party in order to reach an agreement that is beneficial for both sides. By doing so, we have been able to close many successful deals over the years.
Maximize the value of dataData exchange between companies or entities is an essential feature of
digitization and the data economy. Europe is pushing hard to foster data sharing among businesses, and between businesses and governments. We can help you create the next generation of data infrastructure: an open, transparent, and secure digital ecosystem, where data and services can be made available, collated and shared in an environment of trust. 
Data SpacesWhere selling or sharing data may seem straightforward to set up, there are many points of attention to manage. Creating data-sharing environments opens doors to new business models. Data governance should ensure a climate of trust while respecting the legal framework and within a technological framework for facilitating the transfer of data. There's work to do on building European data spaces to pool data in areas such as health, agriculture, public data and manufacturing.
Helping African tech companies in their European JourneyWe are proud to partner with Tyrone Niland to help African tech companies in their European journey. His expertise and guidance will be invaluable in helping them navigate the complexities of international transactions, funding, and commercial operations. We are committed to providing the necessary support to ensure their success, including helping them obtain business licenses, find suitable offices, and build their European teams. We believe this is an excellent opportunity for South-African tech companies to expand their reach and realise their full potential.
5G and wireless technologiesWireless technologies have been a major focus of our work over the years, from a public policy perspective to an operational one for carriers. Unlocking the true potential of 5G business, such as in South Korea, requires a deeper understanding of the technology. We have the expertise and the network to help you create commercially viable offerings and put your project together, making valuable connections along the way. We are confident that 5G and wireless technologies will bring many benefits to businesses and individuals alike.
Broadband and ultra-high-speed connectivityWe are delighted to be working on the development of Pan-European fiber networks for our clients. We have been thrilled to be able to engineer such deals and are confident that the deployment of future-proof infrastructures will ensure that broadband and ultra-high-speed connectivity are available to all. We are proud to be able to provide these essential infrastructure layers for Pan-European deployment. 
Aerotech and InnovationWe wholeheartedly approve of the initiative to create an infrastructure innovation hub in Luxembourg to promote research and development, aerospace start-up initiatives, and collaboration between the state and private sector.This is an incredibly exciting time for European Aerotech, with satellite imagery, autonomous flying taxis, electric propulsion and electric planes all on the horizon.The introduction of 5G will also enable the deployment of self-driving robots in airports. It is truly remarkable to see how far the industry has come and I look forward to the further advances that will be made in the coming years.