Global Government relations and public affairs specialists

Navigating Complex Political Landscapes with Strategic Insight and Effective Advocacy for Business Success.

As a specialized consultancy firm known for our integrity and entrepreneurial approach, we excel in government relations and public affairs. Our deep understanding of political dynamics and policy landscapes enables us to facilitate impactful collaborations and drive meaningful change, embodying innovation and strategic foresight in advancing our clients' organizational goals


At the heart of our consultancy lies a relentless drive for innovation. We believe that creative thinking and a forward-looking approach are essential in navigating the intricate world of government relations and public affairs.


Always Engaged, Always Delivering: We don't just work on projects, we live them. Our team is constantly active, focusing on tangible results. We're committed to not just meeting, but exceeding expectations, ensuring every project is a success.


Committed to Excellence from Start to Finish: We specialize in initiating missions and projects with a clean slate, offering unwavering support to ensure success. Our dedicated approach guides every step, turning visionary ideas into tangible achievements.

Direct Engineering s.a.r.l, headquartered in Luxembourg, has been connecting the dots since 2005. 

Management consultants

In our role focused on government relations and public affairs, we are privileged to offer our specialized expertise in global business growth. Our approach centers around the ability to connect the dots effectively, uniting the right individuals to form productive and mutually beneficial partnerships. Guided by an entrepreneurial mindset, we are committed to developing innovative business models and strategies that aim for shared success among all parties.

At the heart of our mission is the dedication to creating triple-win scenarios for our clients. This involves not just understanding their objectives but also facilitating connections with the appropriate networks and opportunities. We are humbled by the opportunity to make a positive impact in the international business sector, with a focus on establishing strong, enduring partnerships.

We believe in the value of our skills and expertise in global business development and are confident that they can be of significant benefit to our clients. With a commitment to their success, we look forward to the chance to collaborate, leveraging our unique capacity to bring people and ideas together for collective achievements.


Since its establishment, Direct Engineering has been recognized for its expansive expertise, particularly in government relations, as well as in operations and business development. Our team is particularly adept at forging and maintaining robust connections with a wide range of stakeholders, including clients, vendors, and influential figures in the governmental sphere. Our strength lies in our ability to access and utilize an extensive network of senior contacts, a capability that is critical in navigating the complex landscape of government relations.

This network is a key asset in driving forward and providing thought leadership on our clients' projects, particularly those that involve intricate interactions with governmental entities. We are equipped to handle both short-term (under six months) and long-term assignments, showcasing our adaptability and dedication to supporting our clients through various stages of their projects. Our focus on government relations, combined with our comprehensive reach and strong relationships, positions us to successfully manage and deliver results in complex environments.

Diverse embedded clients base

At Direct Engineering, we take pride in our diverse embedded client base, a proof to the deep, trust-based relationships we've cultivated over the years. Our clients, ranging from government agencies to major corporations, have not just used our services; they have integrated our expertise in Government Relations and Public Affairs into the very fabric of their operations.

This integration means that our clients see us as more than consultants; we are strategic partners involved in their long-term planning and decision-making processes. Our role extends beyond providing ad-hoc solutions; we are a consistent, reliable force driving their continuous success. Our ability to adapt to the unique needs of each client, understanding their specific challenges and objectives, is what makes our service indispensable.

Our embedded client base reflects our commitment to not only meeting but exceeding expectations in every engagement. We don't just respond to changes; we anticipate them, ensuring our clients are always a step ahead. This deep level of engagement and commitment is what sets us apart and defines our success in the dynamic world of government relations and public affairs.

Clients served

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