The Experts Advisory Board

Direct Engineering’s Expert Advisory Board (“EAB”) has launched in January 2022.

The role of our EAB exceeds the classic Advisory Board approach.

Typically, an Advisory Board provides counsel, guidance and tactical insights on key strategic activities and initiatives for international development.

Direct Engineering Experts Advisory Board innovates with a cross-domain "Friends of Luxembourg" - group of active independent, allied experts. They contribute a diverse range of expertise in diverse tech areas to Direct Engineering’s clients and their own international development projects.

The Experts Advisory Board is an independent body dedicated to thinking imaginatively. The management team of Direct Engineering draws upon these international experts as a resource to contribute their analyses, recommendations, business, and policy proposals, based upon their experience and best practices, and deep knowledge base.

Our well-structured Experts Advisory Board with best practice principles allows our clients to test their strategic thinking and access expertise or connections unique to Direct Engineering, and unavailable elsewhere.

We are proud that distinguished, internationally-renowned independent experts from across the world and diverse disciplines have joined Luxembourg's Direct Engineering’s Experts Advisory Board, on behalf of our clients. We invite our clients to leverage this uniquely powerful advantage.