External Experts Advisory Board appointment #8

Udi Shoshan joining Experts Advisory Board

We are proud to announce that Udi Shoshan is joining the newly created Experts Advisory Board of Direct Engineering in Luxembourg.

Udi brings excellent expertise in all aspects related to billing. With his XPertBilling platform, which he and his team developed and optimized, they deliver a robust, cost-effective convergent Customer Care solution. This comes with blazing fast and reliable invoice generation. Their answer comes with responsive Web features, multi-dimensional analytics, and automatic CDRs/TDRs Collector.

Creator Udi Shoshan states: " XPertBilling’s API enables any third-party software to interact with the DB while keeping the highest security and Db integrity. XPertBilling’s Db can be installed on Linux/Windows. Our platform can be installed on the client’s server or cloud. A table-driven configuration controls it. That makes it easy to adapt to marketing needs saving the customization costs. The desktop application makes it the fastest CC&B. We developed our SQL Driver increasing the performance and easing the deployment & sys config. By doing so, we created a lot of added value for our customers: this goes from full & Light MVNO/E solutions to cost-effective solutions that grow with our global customer base."

Deep billing processing and architecture expertise

Udi states: " With XPertBilling, we proved to have the fastest solution of the market. The customer Webcare we developed is fully responsive (desktops, tablets, mobiles). We bring convergent Billing services, Telecom & any subscriptions on a table-driven configuration. That means flexibility and a built-in GUI report designer. " 

Udi Shoshan and Direct Engineering CEO Peter Sodermans collaborated at first many years ago on the Direct Telecom soft-switch SS7 venture, whereby the XPertBilling platform was deployed for the first time. Also, later with FirstMark Communications, the XPertBilling platform was successfully deployed again. Nowadays, this billing platform serves major telecommunication players such as Belgian-based Telenet.