Renato Andre de Andrade Reis
External Experts Advisory Board appointment #6

Renato Andre de Andrade Reis

Brazilian national Renato Andre de Andrade Reis brings immense expertise regarding MVNO  (Mobile Virtual Network Operators and enablers) and related services. He currently lives in Valencia, Spain. He joins the Experts Advisory Board of Direct Engineering.

With the experience of working closely with major telecom operators such as Telefonica, Orange, Vodafone, TIM, China Unicom, Hutchinson, America Moviles, and many others in all continents, Renato's network spans the globe. Renato's proud to be called a global citizen as he traveled more than 300 days a year (pre-Covid)

Working globally also allows Renato to foresee trends, pioneering several of the now mass-market products vital in the industry.​ He was, e.g., an absolute pioneer around VAS. (Value Added Services). He's the living experience of deploying telecommunication solutions around the globe.

Pre-Covid, Renato traveled 300 days a year, a truly global citizen. He launched companies and services (more than 20 startups) in every continent and industry sector. He strongly believes in the combination of financial services and telecommunications networks.

The roll-out and commercial success of 5G is directly related to the service offering which comes with it.