Jan Van Dort
External Experts Advisory Board appointment #3

Jan Van Dort joining Experts Advisory Board

We are proud to announce that Jan Van Dort, a Dutchman residing in Belgium, joins the newly created Experts Advisory Board of Direct Engineering.

Jan brings profound knowledge and a deep understanding of digital currencies & blockchain. For six years now, he’s very active in these areas. Jan is one of the rare persons in the world who has a master’s degree in both digital currencies & blockchain. He achieved this in 2018.

Further, Jan Van Dort believes that centralized managed money (assets) are not the way moving forward in this fast-paced, changing digital society.

He states that “besides the fact that the current monetary system is on quicksand, decentralized assets are more agile for payments in the digital revolution. The latest generations prefer using assets differently, as they like more ownership over their assets. The current monetary system can’t cope with the advantages decentralized money gives them.” Jan Van Dort believes that banks will have to change to keep up with the newer generations' lifestyle and digital business.

Besides, Jan also holds an engineering degree; he acquired 25 years of experience in a variety of segments, ranging from sales leadership, marketing, procurement in the IT soft- and hardware, telecommunication, to datacenter business.

Finally, Jan believes everything you achieve is a mindset combined with the best dream team to create success