Launch of cross-border Experts Advisory Board
Experts Advisory Board Direct Engineering

New initiative launched

Direct Engineering launches its external Experts Advisory Board (EAB) on January 6th, 2022. A new initiative is on the rails.

The role of the Experts Advisory Board goes beyond the classic Advisory Board. Typically an advisory Board gives advice and guidance on key strategic activities and initiatives for international development.

The Direct Engineering EAB shall become a cross-domain group of active independent experts. This group will provide a diverse range of expertise to Direct Engineering’s clients and their international development projects.

International experts

The Direct Engineering team will call upon the experts of the EAB to contribute to their analysis, recommendations, business, and policy proposals. This allows ensuring that they are based on the best available experience and knowledge.

We are excited to report that distinguished, internationally renowned independent experts from across the world and a wide range of disciplines will soon be announced joining the Direct Engineering’s EAB.

Stay tuned!

Peter Sodermans & Tyrone Niland & Krista Touquet