Tyrone Niland
Krista Touquet
Direct Engineering management team expansion

Krista Touquet and Tyrone Niland join the Management Team

Management Team in expansion modus

Preparing for our next chapter of growth and scale, we are proud to announce two changes in the Management Team of Luxembourg's headquartered Direct Engineering.

A new three-person Management Team is now in place as of January 2022. They will be instrumental in deepening business relationships and coordinating a broader setup in more areas.

Hence creating new opportunities, an important benchmark, and personification of the company’s own value set.

As Direct Engineering endeavors to flip the traditional consultancy model on its head, its inclusive, people-first methodology will serve as the driving force behind the business, partnership, and operational decisions.

Krista Touquet becomes Finance & Administration Director

In our next chapter of growth and scale,  Krista Touquet is picking up a new role within Direct Engineering starting January 2022.

Krista has extensive international expertise in telecommunications in start-up environments and later served as Finance Director of Firstmark Communications Luxembourg, and as Group Controller for Microcell (Flextronics) in Luxembourg, Amsterdam, and Finland.

Krista shall be overseeing administration and finance at Direct Engineering.

Her sharp administrative and financial skillset shall be available to Direct Engineering’s clients to strengthen the administration of their own businesses.

Tyrone Niland picks up COO role

We are proud to announce that Johannesburg-based Tyrone Niland now joined the Direct Engineering Management team; We met Tyrone whilst being on a mission for the Luxembourg Government in South Africa some 10 years ago. We became friends at first.

In his new role as COO, Tyrone brings a varied professional background to Direct Engineering, from founder to M&A dealmaker, to management consultant.

Tyrone can lend a sympathetic ear to entrepreneurs, help young businesses craft achievable commercial strategies, and bridge the gap between founders and funders.

He is inspired by our ever-changing world and the personal growth it demands. Tyrone believes that respecting our planet and connecting with nature should be a critical part of how we exist.

Tyrone joins the Direct Engineering leadership as he sincerely enjoys working with entrepreneurs to solve the commercial and personal challenges they face on a daily basis.

New road for African companies to Luxembourg and Europe

With Brexit, many South African established tech, trade, and finance companies seek new ways to enter and grow their business in the EU. The traditional choice was between the UK and the Netherlands.

With the departure of the UK from the EU,  we found out there are new openings for Luxembourg to become a hub from where European business is developed for African companies.

However, as Luxembourg does not yet have a Luxembourg and Trade Invest office in South Africa, Direct Engineering now opened an antenna in Johannesburg, South Africa, managed by our COO Tyrone Niland.

This initiative includes helping African companies to develop a presence in Luxembourg, Europe.