Luxembourg's PM Xavier Bettel joins5G webinar

Webinar Digital Luxembourg

We just finished the Digital Luxembourg - infrastructure group webinar we have been organizing for the Luxembourg Government. Live from the SMC offices in the Grund in Luxembourg city.

The theme of the four one-hour sessions were: "Luxembourg, a Pan-European ultra-high broadband and 5G hub".

Our Prime Minister Xavier Bettel joined himself in this 10th edition of the seminar. M. Bettel gave a warm call in a highly inspiring speech to the attendees. Attendees were the key persons involved in what is becoming the 5G eco-system of Luxembourg.

The Prime Minister asked the attendees to "think out of the box". He mentioned the "true power of 5G goes beyond our physical borders". M. Bettel explained that "we have an opportunity to strengthen our role as a digital capital hub in the EU".

The PM called out to the business developers and the gathered managers to" set up new collaborations" and "develop new innovative solutions". A great and visionary speech from Luxembourg's political leadership.

Indeed, besides the 5G deployment in Luxembourg, which is now rolling out, it is time to roll up our sleeves and develop new 5G-related pan European services. This kind of new service shall be used from Sofia till Dublin, from Helsinki till Lisbon, developed and managed from Luxembourg. Time is now and Luxembourg has all the bricks for it.

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel joining the 5G webinar of Digital Luxembourg

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